Agron-omics Leaf Database

TiMet users have access to the Agron-omics Leaf Database, the data integration and data sharing portal of the European Commission 6th Framework Programme project AGRON-OMICS. The portal focuses on the Leaf Growth Baseline data – a collection of experiments profiling leaf growth across developmental and diurnal time in a number of environmental conditions. In this context, profiling means that a diverse variety of quantitative phenotypic and molecular data were generated.


Baerenfaller K, Massonnet C, Walsh S, Baginsky S, B├╝hlmann P, Hennig L, Hirsch-Hoffmann M, Howell KA, Kahlau S, Radziejwoski A, Russenberger D, Rutishauser D, Small I, Stekhoven D, Sulpice R, Svozil J, Wuyts N, Stitt M, Hilson P, Granier C and Gruissem W (2012)
Systems-based analysis of Arabidopsis leaf growth reveals adaptation to water deficit. Molecular Systems Biology 8.606